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Traffic Offences

  • Drink Driving matters including Low, Medium and High-Range

  • Drug Driving matters across a broad range of illicit substances (including subsequent offences)

  • Drive Suspended or Drive Disqualified (including subsequent offences)

  • Serious traffic offences including Negligent Driving occasioning harm or death


  • Attorney-General Applications


Licence Appeals

  • We run Appeals against the suspension of your licence by the RMS or NSW Police

  • Successfully defended hearings against a broad range of driving offences

  • We deal with the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) on your behalf

  • Licence Applications before the Local Court – return of license after period of good behaviour

  • Application to the RMS for exemption on Licence condition

  • Attorney-General Applications

  • Where all avenues have been exhausted, we have successfully submitted Applications to the Attorney-General to remit the unexpired term of disqualification.

S32 Application

  • Have conducted a range of successful S32 Applications under the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 2009. This is a diversionary mechanism where people are dealt with under the Mental Health Act instead of the Crimes Sentencing & Procedure Act 

  • We assist you through the process, engage with mental health professionals and make the final application before the courts


Drug Offences

  • Possess Prohibited drug offences – particularly arising out of concerts, music festivals and events

  • Supply Prohibited drug offences – for small, large, indictable and commercial quantities

  • Direct or participate in a criminal group – for ongoing drug supply



  • Common Assault

  • Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm

  • Assault Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm

  • Domestic Violence related Assaults (including AVO/DVO)

  • Stalk intimidate with intent to cause fear

  • Armed with intent to commit indictable offence

  • Kidnapping

  • We have experience in successful Sentencing submissions and defended Hearings for these types of matters


Firearm Offences

  • Relating to Firearms Licence issues

  • Offences relating to authorisation of firearms and ammunition

  • Firearms Prohibition Orders

Bail Applications

  • Local Court Bail Applications

  • Supreme Court Bail Applications


  • Appeals Bail Applications


Employment Law

  • Experience negotiating with employers and their lawyers

  • Conducting hearings in the Fair Work Commission, including all negotiations up to and during the hearing

  • Negotiating with employers during the conciliation stage as well as situations where criminal charges may be pending

  • Unfair dismissal

  • Employment claims that include areas of Discrimination (Sex Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Age Discrimination)

  • Health-checks for businesses to reduce the potential for risk and litigation.


  • We have access to leading Counsel for large Trials

  • 24-hour service 7 days per week – 0421 067 207

  • Prison and Police Station visits

  • First half-hour conference is free. We provide advice on how we would deal with your matter and make our costs clear and upfront.

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